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The Reddit Blackout

The Reddit Blackout

A number of subreddits are planning to skip visiting Reddit on June 12 and June 13 in protest against Reddit charging to make calls to their API. The entire situation is explained in r/earthporn’s post, “Don’t Let Reddit Kill 3rd Party Apps!.” What is occurring now feels very Neptunian as the protest is being organized on Reddit’s site and Reddit’s planned action is poorly planned. Astrologer Mary B. Downing described Neptune in the financial area as involving “all public relations, advertising, external sales, financial and strategic planning functions, and the distribution of working funds and resources. Neptune by transit or direction may indicate illegal or badly planned activities, divestiture, acquisitions and mergers.”1

I wondered how this Blackout may affect Reddit and created a horoscope with transits on the June 12. The chart is based on the day of incorporation, May 13, 2011, Wilmington, DE. The time for finalizing the incorporation document is unknown, therefore, Noon was used for the time of day. This means the house and Moon positions are not accurate.

There is a Saturn/Pluto/Uranus t-square in Reddit’s horoscope. Moon could very well be part of the aspect as it usually travels about 14° over the course of a day. A workable time for Moon’s position can be deciphered by examining past events for Reddit; however, that will not be performed at this time. The Saturn/ Pluto/Uranus t-square may indicate that the corporation has a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to understanding the core foundation of its business, which could lead to separation and turnover.

Transiting Uranus conjuncts the horoscope’s Sun, which forms a square to the horoscope’s Neptune. This may indicate that Reddit commits an act of self-destruction. Transiting Mercury squares the horoscope’s Neptune. This could mean that Reddit deceives members about changing plans to charge for calls to their API or suffers from self-delusion about the likely results of the blackout.

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