image credit: International Space station

2022 Spring Outlook, Chicago, Part 3 (O’Hare Field)

O'Hare Field, Chicago International Airport (exact time unknown, noon) In part 2, I noted that Ingress charts involving O’Hare airport and planes have correlations with the 2022 Spring Ingress chart via two points; Saturn conjunct Midheaven and Sun in the 11th house. I will explore those correlations in this post. "Certified airlines and others" were …

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Snow at top of Cascadian Coulior. Image credit: brookpeterson

Cascadian Event Ingress Inquiry, Part 1

Hypothetical tsunami wave intensity and direction As mentioned in an earlier post, the Cascadian subduction zone is due for the release of accumulating energy. An earthquake and tsunami affecting the upper Northwest of the American continent are expected to occur within 50 years according to two articles. The first article, published by New Yorker magazine …

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Washington, D.C. USA, Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Republican Party

Yesterday, House Republicans removed Representative Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the Republican party. Over 100 Republicans threatened to form another political party Tuesday, ahead of the scheduled vote. 'This is us saying that a group of more than 100 prominent Republicans think that the situation has gotten so dire with the Republican Party …

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