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O’Hare Field, Chicago International Airport Natal Chart & Aspects

O’Hare Field, Chicago International Airport (exact time unknown, noon)
Sun conjunct Neptune – orb: +0:23′Sun sextile Jupiter – orb: +0:52′Sun sextile Pluto – orb: -0:38′Sun square Uranus – orb: -4:37′
Sun sextile Moon – orb: +5:56′Moon square Mars – orb: -1:48′Moon conjunct AC – orb: +5:17′Moon sextile MC – orb: -0:36′
Moon trine Pluto – orb: +5:17′
Moon sextile Neptune – orb: +5:32′
Moon square Mercury – orb: -9:45′
(possible aspect, exact time unknown)
Moon trine Jupiter – orb: +6:48′
Mercury conjunct Mars – orb: +7:57′Venus square Uranus – orb: +8:41′Venus conjunct Saturn – orb: +9:51′Mars sextile Uranus – orb: +3:06′
Mars sextile Uranus – orb: +3:06′Jupiter conjunct Pluto – orb: +1:31′Jupiter sextile Neptune – orb: +1:16′Jupiter square Saturn – orb: -5:57′
Saturn square Pluto – orb: -7:28′Neptune sextile Pluto – orb: -0:15′Uranus square Neptune – orb: -4:13′

Note: Chicago City Council proceedings began at 10 AM on October 21, 1955. Some matters were handled before the council voted for permitting passenger and cargo transportation. The ordinance approval was very likely to have been close to Noon. Moon was at 2° Capricorn at 10 AM and 4° at 3 PM. Daylight savings time ended on October 30 in 1955. The ordinance is on page 1301 of the document in the viewer below.

Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Chicago

[archiveorg proceedingsofcit156chic width=560 height=384 frameborder=0 webkitallowfullscreen=true mozallowfullscreen=true]